Golgotha (coptic)

by ship_shib, 12 years ago

'Golgotha' is a Coptic Orthodox hymn that is sung at the end of Good Friday Service. This Hymn dates back to thousands of years, and it has been said that early Christians have taken an Ancient Egyptian tune, that was chanted by Pharaohs during the embalming process and funeral ceremonies and added Christian words instead! The words are a mixture of Coptic and Greek languages, and it is chanted on the memory of the burial of our Lord Jesus Christ. While chanting, the deacons go around the altar. Then the priest takes the burial icon or the crucifixion icon, wraps it with a strip of white linen and places the cross over it, then he buries it in flowers and fragrant oils and puts five seeds of carnation or incense. These refer to the nails, thorn crown and the spear. Then he covers it with the Prospharine and puts two candlesticks with lighted candles on both sides as a symbol of the two angels who were inside the holy tomb, one at the head and the other at the feet.


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