Psali Adam for Pentecost

by StPaulOC, 9 years ago

Christ our Lord, the King of the ages, the Head of our salvation, Sent us the Paraclete. Everyone glorifies You, O heavenly King, and worships before You, and the Spirit, the Paraclete. For truly He appeared, to the Apostles, in the upper-room of Zion, and sent them the Paraclete. Truly He spoke to them, about the mysteries, which He performed, He sent the Paraclete. Upon the Apostles, who have preached to us, after they received, the Spirit, the Paraclete. The gospels have taught, repeatedly, in the name of our King, Who sent the Paraclete. Behold the Apostles, have taught us, they baptized the gentiles, in the name of the Trinity. Rejoice O prophets, and you righteous ones, for the Master, has sent the Paraclete. Jesus Christ, ascended to heaven, and upon the Apostles, He sent the Paraclete. For whenever I speak, of Your mysteries, my heart rejoices, by the Spirit of comfort. Rejoice O believers, let us celebrate the feast, with the Apostles, for He sent the Paraclete. Let us truly praise, Christ who created us, my Lord Jesus Christ, sent us the Paraclete. The prophets, and the righteous spoke,concerning the Messiah, Who sent the Paraclete. Truly Blessed are You, we ask You to save us, we Your faithful people, By the Spirit, the Paraclete. Glory to You O Lord, with Your Good Father, and the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of truth. Christ our Master, the Treasure of good things, and the Holy Spirit, the Paraclete. Rejoice O believers, in this Holy feast, for our God, has sent the Paraclete. Yes we ask You, to cleanse us, with Your hyssop, O Spirit of truth. Purify and wash us, and also make us, whiter than snow, O Spirit of truth. O Son of God have mercy, and compassion upon us, according to Your great mercy, give us the Paraclete. The light of Your authority, has enlightened us, O Jesus the Lover of man, and the Holy Spirit. Holy holy holy, worthy and right, with Your Holy Father, and the Holy Spirit. The rest of our race, guard them truly, O my Lord God, Who sent the Paraclete. O Christ our Master, remember the honored one, our father Abba Shenouda, our Patriarch.


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