All of ye heavenly hosts above (Resurrection Hymn)

by StPaulOC, 12 years ago

All of ye heavenly hosts above, sing to our Lord a song of praise. Rejoice with us to today and say: our Lord is risen from the dead. Today the prophecies are fulfilled. The fathers' visions have come true, and Christ our Lord is risen. He is the first one to repose. He rose as if He was asleep For death has no power over Him He gave us everlasting Paradise And from slavery, we are released. He broke the strong brass doors of Hades And shattered its mighty iron bars. He changed punishment to salvation And returned Adam to Paradise.  With happiness and gladness and joy Adam and his sons who were in bond Their bodies and souls are revived The faithful once again are free. The daughter of David rejoices today The disciples' sadness turned to joy When the women proclaimed His resurrection And what they heard from the angels.  The Lord our God is risen To Him Glory and majesty be given We thank Him for His Love and Grace For His mercy endures forever.


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