Verses of the Cymbals for the Resurrection - Long tune

by StPaulOC, 12 years ago

Kyrie Eleison, We worship the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit: the Holy Trinity, One in Essence. Hail to the Church: the house of the angels: Hail to the Virgin: who gave birth to our Savior. Christ our God has risen from the dead: and He is the first: of those who have reposed. Hail to His Resurrection: He, Who has risen from the dead: in order to save us from our sins. Then He was placed in the tomb: according to the prophets: Christ is risen from the dead on the third day. Hail to you, O Mary, the fair dove, who has borne for us God the Logos. Hail to you, O Mary, and peace be with you, Hail to you, O Mary, the Mother of the Holy One. Hail to Michael the great archangel, Hail to Gabriel the herald of glad tidings. Hail to the cherubim, Hail to the seraphim, Hail to all the heavenly hosts. Hail to John the Baptist the great forerunner, Hail to the priest the kinsman of Emmanuel. Hail to my lords and fathers: the apostles: Hail to the disciples: of our Lord Jesus Christ. Hail to you, O martyr, Hail to the evangelist, Hail to the apostle Mark the beholder of God. Hail to Stephen the first martyr; Hail to the archdeacon the blessed one. Hail to you, O martyr, Hail to the noble hero; Hail to my lord the prince St. George. Jesus Christ is the same: yesterday, today, and forever: in one hypostasis: We worship and glorify Him. O King of peace: grant us Your peace: establish for us Your peace: and forgive us our sins. Disperse the enemies: of the Church: Fortify her that she may never be shaken. Emmanuel our God: is now in our midst: with the glory of His Father and the Holy Spirit. May He bless us, purify our hearts: and heal the sickness of our souls and bodies. We worship You, O Christ, with Your Good Father, and the Holy Spirit, for You have risen and saved us. Have mercy on us.


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