Praise for Great Martyr St. Abanoub مديح: الشهيد العظيم أبانوب النهيسي

by CTVchannel, 10 years ago

Praise: Great Martyr Abanoub Alnhesse peace to a great saint full Taher wise befitting his honor peace martyr Abanoub Born Pinheish of Mary, the Blessed and his father Mqarh peace martyr Abanoub 12 years after they moved to Sama and left him in his youth peace martyr Abanoub went to the Church of the righteous to the addresses of the secrets in gentleness and reverence peace martyr Abanoub in the Sermon on the Mass heard of Diocletian and oppression of the people of ASUS peace martyr Abanoub went saint and sold gold and heirlooms and gave it to the hungry peace martyr Abanoub and prayed to God asking place governors to receive the crown of martyrdom peace martyr Abanoub appeared to him Michael by Emmanuel and his promise Balxleil peace martyr Abanoub governor ordered whipped four times on his stomach went out disemboweled peace martyr Abanoub angel came and lips and the governor saved him and his peace with all his strength to become a martyr Abanoub the governor like a madman and said strength in the prison with his fellow Christians for peace martyr Abanoub encouraged all prisoners hold tightly to the religion and said ...


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