Apekran (By Malak Rizkalla)

Apekran (By Malak Rizkalla) Sung by vBulletin® Malak Rizkalla Edited by vBulletin® Bishoi Rizkalla Words: Apekran Ernishty Khen et-en-Khora Keemee Neemakareyos o-pee-et-Ageyos Tayot Khen nee-Ageyos Teero Penyot Ethouab (x3) en Zike-os Pee- Kheps ente Timetmonakhos ava Antonios: Peemenreet ente pi-Ekhristos. Shere pek Emhav Ethmeh Enkharisma: shere Peksoma Ethouab fee-et-av-veevee nan evol Enkhetf Enje otal-Etcho Enshonee Neeven. Matiho e-pi-Ekhristos Emmanoeel hina Entef ka nen novi nan evol. Pi-Heekee Anok pee-Alakhestos. Alithos Ghar Khen o-Methmi Afkim e- Ekhri Epaheet Enje Peker Efmev e-et-Tayot opi-ava Agios Antonios. English: Your name is so great in the land of Egypt, O : blessed saint, is honored Among WHO COMPLETE all saints, the father by pure (x3) The light of Monasticism The Abba Anthony: the beloved of Christ. Hail to your by tomb full of blessing, hail to your BODY : blessed Which Gives cure to all diseases. Pray to Christ Emmanuel, may He forgive us our sins. The I, the poor, the OBJECT unworthy. Truly, your gracious Commemoration has touched my heart, O holy father abba Anthony. Great name in the province of Egypt , O blessed saint venerated in all Alkadisn Father Tahir Abba Anthony. Peace to your grave , full of grace, the peace of the sacred body , which stemmed from him heal every disease. Ask Christ Emmanuel in order to forgive us our sins. I am poor despicable. Because I really truly move my heart Tzkark Galilee O Abba Antonios


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