The Rites and Tunes of the Praises

by NorCalCopts, 9 years ago

The Rite and Tunes of the Praises. This video documents the Morning, Vesper and Midnight Praises. The Midnight Praise in this video is for Saturday Night (Sunday Midnight Praise). The Order of the Praises can be found below:

1. The hymn Ten thino (Arise o you sons of light)
2. The hymn of the resurrection: Tennav
3. The first canticle… followed by its lobsh
4. The second canticle… followed by its lobsh
5. The third canticle
6. The hymn Aripsaleen “O sing unto Him”
7. The hymn Ten-oweh-ensok “we follow You”
8. The commemoration of saints
9. The doxologies are chanted…first the midnight doxology for St. Mary followed by the saints
10. The fourth canticle
11. The first Sunday Psali of St. Mary
12. The second Sunday Psali for the Lord Jesus
13. The introduction to the Adam Theotokias
14. The Sunday Theotokia
15. Luke (2: 29-32)
16. Shere ne Maria: The 7th part of the Sunday theotokia
17. The hymn Semooty…it is considered part of the 7th part.
18. The 8th and 9th part of the Sunday Theotokia
19. The hymn Teoi enhikanos (you are more worthy) considered to be the 10th part of the Theotokia through the 15th Part
20. The ending of the 15th part, the hymn evol hiten (through mary…)
21. The hymn Nim ghar (who is likened unto You) is considered the 16th part of the Sunday Theotokia.
22. The Antiphonarium
23. The Conclusion hymn for adam Theotokias “Your mercies O my God”
24. The intro to the creed, followed by the creed
25. Then the conclusion hymn of the midnight praise
26. Holy, holy, holy is read from the Agpeya

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