Praise For Pope Shenouda III مديح لمثلث الرحمات .. قداسة البابا شنودة

by CTVchannel, 10 years ago

Praise for the triangle pities .. Pope Shenouda heaven and the angels rejoiced Farhana wed father Hafez Secretariat Chief Shepherd .. Bnewt Atawab Ava Hnote birthday on August 3 of 23 blessed by the twentieth century .. Bnewt Atawab Ava Hnote O Blessed Peace Village in history will not erase your memory the birth of a great saint you .. Bnewt Atúa Ava Hnote of her mother and father named Balsam good Raphael was born pope holy .. Bnewt Atawab Ava Hnote three days after his birth lived with a father and brothers Cram .. Bnewt Atawab Ava Hnote in the world was named a peer because like saints But we have not seen very much seen .. Bnewt Atawab Ava Hnote child was meek and Hadi parents as grandparents heart was busy Balvadi .. Bnewt Atawab Avashnote God gave him the wisdom and intelligence of the march chose the sky did not depart from the teachings of the parents .. Bnewt Ataaab Ava Hnote was superior in Education In the army, was Secretary of the server Kmadges and dad .. Seven Bnewt Atawab Ava Hnote the church was covered in his heart and his love science sponsored by the seminary in ...


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