Praise for St. Philopater Mercurius Abu-Sefein مديح .. الشهيد فيلوباتير مرقوريوس أبي سيفين

by CTVchannel, 10 years ago

Open Fi praise and Amjad name Eyessus and Praise martyr of Christ Pei Atawab Mercurius wearing armor and a helmet and piety Bakaddos His determination and quality Pei Atawab Mercurius Blessed Abe Seven Philopatir Mercurius became a role model for heroes Ananias Nim Jawargios angel of God befell In his hand, gave him a sword predominantly re-establish my Atawab Mercurius taking a sword of fire to destroy the bad guys and the little Lord Jabbar Pei Atawab Mercurius caught sword illustrious a joy humbled and became fame common Pei Atawab Mercurius marched in front of the military sign Pei Astafros went to war Berber Pei Atawab Mercurius what looked swords and Lua and quickly Langlois in front of the hero Pei Atawab Mercurius thought tyrant Dekeus that God B. Vea Volos has helped Mercurius until he became Pei Athlovrus commanded him walking in passengers gives thanks to his idols was not afraid to tyranny Pei Atawab Mercurius went gladly to Alati arrogant and became the sight of the public Pei Atawab Mercurius I am a slave to Eyessus Sidi powers Pei Akhristus Mohy all the souls and hearts of my Atawab Mercurius ...


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