Praise of St. Abba Abraam, Bishop of Fayoum مديح الأنبا إبرام أسقف الفيوم .. في مجد السمائيين

by CTVchannel, 7 years ago

Praise Bishop conclusion of the Bishop of Fayoum .. in the glory of the heavenly creatures in the glory of the heavenly Habib every poor patron of the faithful Bnewt Eva Abram liar Center Dayrout Born Father blessed and everyone by Couched Bnewt Ava Abraam his parents, religion Almah worship the Lord God on behalf of Paul, whom they named Bnewt Ava Abraam was growing in virtue The fine qualities convince sum Bnewt Ava Abraam farewell to poison his parents became an orphan since his youth and the Lord Jesus strength Bnewt Ava Abraam at the age of 17 was devoted to Jesus' heart monk since childhood Bnewt Ava Abraam became head of Muharraq and the poor was bestowed sacrifice and spend Bnewt Ava Abraam either the devil Almnjus effects against him souls went to Baramus Bnewt Ava Abraam then became Bishop of Fayoum to live in prayer and fasting loved among the folk Bnewt Ava Abraam divine love and spiritual biography and the reluctance of wild Bnewt Ava Abraam built bishopric in the upper house jihad and sacrifice Bnewt Ava ...


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