Praise of St. George the Prince of Martyrs مديح الشهيد عظيم مارجرجس .. كورال سي تي في

by CTVchannel, 10 years ago

Praise Great Martyr George the performance .. Coral CTV peace to you, my name is Georgios O Great Lord has chosen Eyessus popularized in the regions mentioned you made my choice to Diocletian and Okhozat all infidels sign my Astafros Diocletian saw you on your face and a beautiful grace in your character lights up like a star he said to you, Mokhtar you from anywhere I me three years what I've seen like a human being, what need I have even come Alan Come and tell me you're from anywhere right Jesus Lord tell me, my man for your father and your grandfather was a minister or Sultan said to him, Georgios I'm Anastasius and I am a slave to my Lord Eyessus Boukristus Cappadocia ours Our rate in Palestine where Mrbana and its residents said to him, Diocletian Come worship idols and halitosis O Mahrous and I'll write you Farman said to him, Georgios I offspring valued how Tomrni O Mnjus The worship idols and ordered Diocletian pains saint and soldiers may Erwa and beat him seven years Baldbabis several suffer in fees and endured all the intensity in the love of the Lord of lords three Mitat has died at ...


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