Praise of St. Mina مديح الشهيد العظيم مارمينا العجايبي .. كورال سي تي في

by CTVchannel, 10 years ago

Praise Great Martyr Mina wonderous .. performance Coral Sea T in open-Fi weddings and sing praise peace to Mina, a martyr of Jesus Christ by the will of God eternal tell you about this an accepted origin was a soldier hero strong and jealous origin of the house of the princes of this ink-Nafis and his mother, Euphemia and his father Odksys and his mother, Euphemia was a woman sterile asked pure virgin mother Kader answered her request and told her secretary Vrozkt Bold is Mina Secretary grown up Taher and progress in uniform and was the world Maher in Christian Science was a lover of the god-characterized courage persistent fasting and prayer wrapped in Balodaah invited this chosen to worship idols confessed Bojhar I Abdul Judge left the floor and all that is in them and asked Asamaúaat love in Poara Blessed are you, O Mukhtar, son Odksys O overcome the wicked boys dreaded devil peace to you, my hero, my head all the brave peace to you, my hero, my remover all sorrows peace to you day and night, O brave hero mentioning filled the country and the country Every ...


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