Stand up in the fear of God / Kiffu ammam Allah for the Bishop (By Malak Rizkalla)

Kiffu ammam Allah (for Bishop) (By Malak Rizkalla)

Sung by Malak Rizkalla
Edited by Bishoi Rizkalla


Kifu be khawfen ammam Allah wa-ensetoo le sama'a al-Engeel al-mokadass, men fam abeena al-mokarram al-bar, al-mothalath al-toba, abeena al-mokaram al-motran/oskof Anba (.....),motran /oskof al-madeena al-moheba lel-Massieh (.....) wama laha men al-belad. Illahu al-sama' yo-thabitahu 'ala korsi-eeh saneenan 'adeeda wa 'azmenatan salematan madeeda. Wa yokhdi'a game'a 'ada'e al-kaneesa tah'ta kadami-hee sare'an. Wa yo'ateeh zamanan hadey an bahigan, wa yo'ateena ne'amatan wa rahmatan be salawatehee wa telbatehee. Al- Engeel al-mokaddas, faslon men besharat al-kedees mo'alemna mari (.....) al-engeely al-basherr wal telmeezu al-taher, barakatahu.


Stand up in the fear of God and listen from our honourable father, the righteous and triple blessed, our honourable father Abba (.....). The Metropolitan/Bishop of the city loving Christ (.....) and its surroundings. May the God of Heaven keep him on his throne for many years and peaceful times. And humiliate all his enemies under his feet quickly. And grant him peaceful and pleasant times and bestow grace and mercy upon us through his prayers and supplications. The holy Gospel according to our teacher Saint (.....) the evangelist, apostle and pure disciple, may his blessings.

Level: Revision
Language: Arabic
Cantor: Malak Rizkalla

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